Biography of Heidi Kelly of HKelly designs

Biography of Heidi Kelly of HKelly designs

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Handbag designer, Heidi Kelly is a graduate of Philadelphia University with a BS in Fashion Merchandising. Now a breast cancer thriver, Heidi designs and produces limited edition and one-of-a-kind funky, printed fabric handbags made in the USA.

Heidi turned a diagnosis of breast cancer into a good thing. She has become a new person, being positive, helping others to see the positive via her social media platforms and features in the local magazine and newspaper all while giving back to charities through the sale of some of her handbags.

Heidi spent many years trying to find the right career. Always looking to use her creativity. For many years she was a retail manager, office assistant, marketing assistant and even a bartender, when she moved to Kutztown, PA. While each job allowed her some creativeness, it was never enough. She pursued photography, bookmaking and many other creative hobbies until she found handbags.

One day Heidi put her fear of her sewing machine aside and began to learn to make handbags from the internet. Just as she was learning to design her own styles, she found out she had breast cancer. Instead of putting everything on hold, Heidi continued to sew and design and formed a business while recovering from 4 surgeries.

Once Heidi received the breast cancer diagnosis things changed completely. Her husband encouraged her to turn her handbag hobby into a business and she pushed herself to go beyond what she ever thought she could do. Creating a start up business in the creative field is hard enough, and doing it while going through surgery after surgery is even tougher. Two years after her initial diagnosis, she was diagnosed again with breast cancer and this time it included the full regimen of chemo and radiation. Heidi continued with her business, since she was in the middle of creating her first official line of bags produced in a local factory. Today, she is in full recovery mode and designing new bags while trying to spread the message, it’s okay to be who you are, we are all different.

Heidi Kelly is located in Kutztown, PA and is Designer/Partner of HKelly designs. She does the designing, the sewing, the marketing and much more. HKelly designs can be found at

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